Livin Life

Celebrating LOVE

There is something about witnessing a wedding that restores your belief in the power of true love. This weekend, I had the opportunity to  witness two amazing people vow to love each for the rest of their lives. You can’t mistake the overwhelming feeling you have standing in a room full of love and support.

Being the true event lover that I am, my second favorite part about attending weddings is to see and enjoy the venues, decorations and having yet another chance to dress up!

Needless to say, this wedding was gorgeous. Located at a hotel in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, the venue was quaint and modern. The bride was gorgeous in a lace dress and a smile that couldn’t be more genuine. Simply, a great night!

Patio area, fire pit included!

Couldn’t be more obsessed with these chandeliers

Event the rooms were simply decorated. LOVE!

Bets aside, their was not stuffing cake in each other’s face. So sweet!

Dressing up for the occasion!

Don’t get to bring these out often, but my favorite wedges!

I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend!!! xox


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