Holy cow, how is it November already! I just realized in two weeks, I will be flying home to Colorado to have Thanksgiving with my family, unreal!

Usually, when I sit down to write my posts, I have one idea of what the post will be about and by the time I have finished, it has evolved into a completely different topic. Which is exactly what happened with this one.

This morning, the concept of time is truly baffling me. Yes, we as humans, understand how it works and understand that it is something that man can never create more of, but it is funny to me how we don’t treat it more cautiously.

Looking back over this year, I can’t remember what I did with all my time. Of course, I remember taking trips home, to Colorado, Boston and Mexico, to spend time with friends and family, but besides those major things, I come up with nothing.

Yes, I went to work and the gym everyday, spent time with friends and the boyfriend but time has just seemed to slipped by.

So here is the deal.

We have 52 days until the new year.  Plan on spending them wisely. Learn something new, step out of my comfort zone or just simply work on being present and enjoying every moment that you have.

With that being said, I have found a ton of amazing things this week to get you in the spirit for the WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!

Excited to celebrate a bride and groom this weekend!

Don’t forget to start your holiday dress shopping

Dress up, it makes you feel good

Indulge and enjoy a yummy breakfast

Genuinely smile about something

Remember what being an “American” stands for

Autumn Apple Cider & Champagne Sangria to enjoy (Recipe here: Kiran Tarun)

Go for a long run to clear your mind

Find a cute umbrella to sport around this winter

Don’t waste your time breaking people down. Use your time, to build everyone up!

Sunday morning coffee

Also, I wanted to mention that I found a fantastic blog, (which most of the images above are from.) If you need a mini break today, I highly suggest you check her out. The blog is titled Remain Simple and it is full of gorgeous images that take you to a new place.



2 thoughts on “FINALLY FRIDAY

  1. Your post reminds me of one of my favorite anonymous quotes that I try to live by (although WAY easier said than done): “We have but this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand and melting like a snowflake.”
    Enjoy your weekend!

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