Finally FRIDAY!

This week in particular, it is especially important and significant, that we celebrate, FINALLY making it to FRIDAY! Hurricane Sandy has renewed my  belief that everyday is a gift and should be a celebration.

With hard times impacting most of the residents on the East Coast, I thought this Friday’s theme would be a reminder to celebrate the small and simple things in life.

It is a reminder to take pleasure in the most simple acts or details. I find most of us often look at the large picture of life and fail to enjoy the beauty of the smallest details, that bring daily smiles to our faces. Although, homes and towns have been destroyed at least our hearts are beating in our chests, our lungs are taking in oxygen and as Annie always  says, “the sun will come out tomorrow.”

Quote of the day..

Play the positive game, there is ALWAYS a positive

Dance in the rain

That feel good song that makes everything alright for 3 minutes

Laughing so hard you cry

Random acts of kindness

Catching rays of sunshine in unexpected places

Snuggle session with your love, on a cold winter day

How a fan could keep you entertained for HOURS when you were little

Little accessories that make us feel pretty and strong

New experiences that ignite our soul

Sunday morning coffee and lounging

Put your smiles on and remember to celebrate the day and the little things in life. Hoping everyone has a fantastic weekend!

Enjoy xox


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