Mexican Bliss

I now fully understand why taking a vacation is such a powerful and needed thing.   Since I have moved to Washington D.C., my only vacations have been to travel home to Colorado to visit family and friends. Although, I love going home it isn’t quite the same as being on a vacation.

While in Mexico, I realized it is all to easy to forget that we are only here once and to enjoy it. Yes, life is about working, making a living and being productive but it is also about having fun, enjoying the moments, making new friends, having new experiences and learning something new. Not to sure why it is so easy for us to lose sight of this but it is important to be reminded of it every so often.

Seven days in Puerto Vallarta Mexico was the cure to my burnt out blues. Traveling with my boyfriend and his family, plus amazing weather and breathtaking views turned this vacation into a trip of wonderful memories.

Little recap to help you escape your Monday.


Stunning sunsets every night

Our room at the Hard Rock Hotel and Resort.. AMAZING!

Can you tell what my favorite color is?

With this view gym on vacation is easy..

Dirty Shirley’s at sunset

Bar table art using tropical condensation

Cheers to spending time with family

We had an amazing trip, full of laughter and relaxation. So I am going to spread the wealth, re-evaluate your life and your priorities. Make sure that when you look back, you worked hard and played hard and enjoy every minute.

Happy Monday!


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