I think I have been counting down to this Friday for four months now…..why you ask?

Well… because I am going on VACATION!!!!  My first real vacation since college and my first trip out of the country to beautiful MEXICO!

As excited I am for the beach, margs and some pure relaxation, I couldn’t be more excited to go with my boyfriend and his family! A beautiful place plus great family sounds like a perfect combination for fun memories and to finally relax!

So it is only obvious that this weeks Friday Favorites are beach and Mexico inspired.





Beach time.. enough said



Big Beach Hats



Beach Breakfast

My favorite Snack … Chips in Salsa

Beach Maxi’s

So lucky to have our own beach guitarist! (BF’s, sister’s husband!)

Beach sandals

All White

Beach Hair

Cover ups


Can’t forget about Margaritas

Lovey time on the beach

Not looking forward to the end part…

Yes life gets crazy and we all worry about money and taking time off from work but at the end of the day, you have to remember to treat yourself and experience life. Most importantly experience life with the people you love, spend time with them and cherish it!

Happy Friday Everyone xox


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