Motivational Mail Buddy

A few weeks ago, I was told of an amazing idea…


I am sure you are just like me and have no idea what the heck that means or why you would want one, but I will explain.

I was on Twitter (b/c I am addicted) and a girl asked if anyone wanted to be her motivational mail buddy? Of course, as curious as I am I reached out to her to find out what this meant.

Basically, its the pen pal ideology. Every so often you send each other little motivational  notes and healthy treats and finds that you love and want to share. What a concept right?!? So I decided to give it a try!

I was fortunate enough, to have read Kim’s tweet and we immediately began emailing about our favorite health foods, flavors, work out schedules and just life in general. We not only send snail mail but email back and fourth about living the twenty something life!

Yesterday, I received my first box and it was just so nice to get a package in the mail full of products and things I hadn’t tried before!  I obviously didn’t guzzle all of them down at once, so I will keep you posted on my favorites.

We all need a little extra motivation or support these days and I think this is a great way to reach out to someone you didn’t know before and learn new things and give the gift of motivation and support!

Reach out to someone new and find a MM Buddy!





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