We all say that we wish everyday could be Friday, but Friday’s are so special because they only come once a week. So enjoy them!

This week for me was about overcoming negative thoughts. Once you let them in they tend to stay around and bring you down, so it is best to just not entertain the negative thoughts at all.

So, I have fully pulled on my positive pants and am ready for the three day weekend ahead.

Inspiration for weekend positive pants:


Wear a genuine smile, no one will notice anything else

Get out for a fall run

Find a cute little black dress

Try out the fall sangria

drink coffee until it is acceptable to drink the sangria

Ankle booties


Run so you can splurge on desert

Fall skirts

Breathe and have faith that it will all work out, enjoy here and now

Fall trousers

Finally… remember you are enough for anyone and anything and most importantly for yourself.

Happy Friday Everyone xox


One thought on “FINALLY FRIDAY!

  1. I feel like the blogging themes I’ve seen around this week were about struggling to be positive, feeling drained, negative self talk, having a hard time at work, etc. I’ve seen it on so many blogs I follow. I know I’ve had a pretty shitty and emotionally draining week. Blah…. At least we all know we’re not alone. 🙂

    Glad you get a long weekend – have a great one!

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