Friends are the Family You Choose

For me, the month of October has always been a month of change!

Two years ago, I packed up my stuff, sold my furniture and moved across the country for an adventure.



Although, I was ready to leave my comfort zone and experience something completely new, it was terrifying to leave the friends that over time had become my family.

Concerns of, being replaced, forgotten about or have nothing in common with plagued me as I moved, but even after two years they are still, if not more, family to me.

I have realized it wasn’t just me going in a different direction, but everyone was. We were all growing up and not experiencing the same thing anymore and it was and is liberating. When we speak we all have so much to fill each other in on and learn about, while still laughing about past stories and jokes.

Everyday since I moved, I have realized what a great group of friends I have. The kind that I don’t talk to for weeks but can call and pick up right where we left off.

So often we forget how blessed we are to have found the friends we have. So today reach out to your friends and remind them how appreciative you are to have them in your life.

Great friends are few and far between, they are to be cherished!




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