New Season, New Goals!


It is October, can you believe it? I feel like we just celebrated the fourth of July!

As much as I love summer, fall on the East Coast is hands down my favorite time of year. The colors are magnificent, you can walk to work and not end up in a pile of sweat and not to mention it’s football and scarf season!

With a new season, it is time to set new goals.

It is easier to get to where you want to go, when you have a clear vision of what that is exactly. They can be simple or detailed, large or small, just write them down and keep them in a place where you can see them!


Take a moment to go outside and enjoy the beautiful fall weather and think about what you want to accomplish this month. Write it down, create a plan and get to work!

These are my goals and I am sticking to them!

A little inspiration for goal creating today.

Happy Monday and October, Enjoy xox


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