Free High Fives

Typically on my Saturday morning run it is just me lost in my own thoughts and the trail, along with a million other people doing the exact same thing.

This time it was different. There were two groups of runners that I had the treat of running past, twice. It wasn’t a treat because they were good looking or they looked like they were having a great time, it was a treat because every person they ran passed, they greeted with encouraging words and high fives.

What a concept right?

Although, I deem running to be my alone time to think and clear my head, it was so uplifting to be greeted by someone on the trail that was willing to share their enthusiasm.

It is amazing how one small high five, made me feel part of a community and gave me a surge of motivation that I couldn’t have created myself.

I think this should be a new found runners tradition. If you seeing someone powering through or struggling a bit, offer up a bit of encouragement or simply a high five! You might just give them the little extra help they were needing!

Happy Monday xox



One thought on “Free High Fives

  1. I love this! It’s one of the reasons I don’t like to run with headphones. I want to be present in my surroundings, and this usually involves a smile and good morning to people I pass. I’ve never tried a high five before…. though I know when I’m struggling it would be a great encouragement! I’m all about this #freehighfives tradition!

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