Congratulations everyone we made it FRIDAY, once again!

This week flew by for me. Between running to the gym, work and getting to spend good quality time with my boyfriends parents, I am amazed it is already Friday!

Fridays are a great time to reflect on the week and set your attitude and sights on the weekend. As I was going to work this morning I read a post from one of my favorite bloggers.

Her message was simple… love who you are.

Which is so simply put but so hard for most of us to do.

Love your height, your curly hair, your smile, your laugh, your motivation, your spirit and your intelligence. Β Don’t focus on the number on the scale or the size of your skinny jeans it doesn’t control your life, you do.


Check out her post here and and take the ANAD Pledge to love yourself for all of who you are.

Friday favorites to get your in the mood for a fun filled weekend!


Sounds like a great “to do list,” to let go on a Friday night

Another yummy fall cocktail to warm you up! (Recipe here)

Jacket and boots for Saturday excursions

New weekend pony to try out

Burberry nails

Remember to get out there and be active, you only have one body, treat it right!

and of course, remember Sunday mornings are for coffee and relaxing in bed!

Happy Friday Everyone, Enjoy xox


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