Success Envy: Bethenny Frankel

Everyone has them, people we look up to and admire. People who inspire us to dream big, work hard and believe in ourselves. They give us hope, that if they can do it, so can we.

Success envy posts are to highlight the positive, strong and successful people that I look up to. They are the people that I turn to for motivation and encouragement when I am feeling a bit low or doubting my capabilities.

Bethenny Frankel is My First Envy!

No it is not because she was on The New York Housewives or because she has her own show on BRAVO.

But because  she is true to herself, no matter what!

She reminds me that she didn’t just wish for her success and one day wake up to it. She struggled with it and worked for it. She was pushed down multiple times but each time got back up stronger than she was before.

When we see these insanely successful people we forget that there is an entire back story behind it, that helped them get to where they are now.

It’s Because She is:

  • Absolutely true to herself. Whether she is saying the thing your are thinking or the thing you aren’t sure you wanted to hear, she owns her feelings and isn’t afraid to put them out there.
  • Doesn’t take no for an answer. No matter how many people said it was impossible, she kept going and made is possible.
  • Encourages women to take control of their health. She promotes eating and eating healthy, what a concept.  I love strong women that encourage the women around them to take control of their health and have a positive body image.
  • Does’t use her past as a crutch. Yes, we all have had bumpy roads, some bumpier than others, but Bethenny reminds me that you have a choice to use your past as a crutch or to accept the past and choose to rise above it.
  • A busy mamma making it work! Between a husband, a baby and the life that we see, I can’t imagine how she keeps it all together. She gives me great hope that being a successful mamma is doable.
  • Frugalista at heart. She made it big time and makes the big bucks but still prefers her cheap Ikea coffee table over some grand absurdly priced antique.

Whether you love her or hate her, you have to admit it is refreshing to see someone own who they truly are, in world full of people who pretend to be what they aren’t.









Happy Wednesday xox



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