Weekends are my downfall

I am admitting it, weekends are my downfall.

Monday through Friday, I am usually great about eating healthy, veggies, protein, drinking the right amount of water etc.

But.. the second Friday evening hits outcomes the wine along with all the unhealthy eating choices. Appetizers, dinner, deserts, wine and more wine, not the ideal situation for someone that loves and leads a healthy lifestyle during the week!

Everyone has a weak spot, whether its emotional eating, dinner with friends, homemade chocolate chip cookies, but whatever it is, its a challenge to overcome.

The first step in dealing with these so called “downfalls” are to admit it. Then create a plan of how you are going to go about fixing it. Being aware of the situation and admitting to yourself or someone else is the first and hardest step to take in solving the problem.

So.. I am admitting it here first, that weekends are my downfall and that going forward I am going to be aware of what my plans are and what I order, as well as cut down on the WINE!!!

You have to live a little, but if living is causing you to not be healthy and happy, then its not worth it!

Motivation for the week ahead, Happy Monday Everyone!

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4 thoughts on “Weekends are my downfall

  1. I know exctly how you feel. But you know what? I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m most likely not going to change that about myself haha. I always indulge over the weekends, especially during football season… tailgating, day drinking…. ugh! But, once Monday rolls around, I’m ready to get back into my groove. Best of luck with everything and stay stong and positive. : )

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