FINALLY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a week! I do say this every week but I must say this week has felt like a very long, long week and I am so very thankful to celebrate it coming to an end!

Although I try to always remain positive, there are certain aspects that impact your life and challenge you to grow that can be very frustrating. I decided this week that no matter what challenges that are facing me right now, I can take control over my mind, body and health!

It is  your choice to be happy and healthy, so make it!

Friday Favorites! Enjoy xox



Don’t wait for someone to create it for you!

Plaid… I adore you…

Oscar, for me? You shouldn’t have.

Dreaming of white country kitchen getaways


Perfect fall Friday holiday drink.. Apple Cider Margarita



2 thoughts on “FINALLY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Love all of your favorites! We have similar taste 🙂 By the way – couldn’t agree more with your sentiments from this past week. It was a loooong one!! Hope you enjoyed that apple cider margarita to celebrate!

    xx Katherine

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