Grateful Moments

Ever have those instances when you are stopped dead in your tracks by a moment that is happening around you?

You know that feeling where everything is at peace and you get that sense of calmness, that life is good and all those little worries that you let get to you or bring you down aren’t really all that important. Love those moments which undoubtedly hit you when you least expect it.

This morning, my boyfriend and I hit the field to do sprints outside our apartment. NOT MY FAVORITE ACTIVITY TO DO ….. but… without a doubt it was one of those moments. It was both a peaceful and powerful experience to watch the sunrise over our nation’s capital this morning.

A moment to which, I started to count the many things I was thankful for, which we fail to do so often..

*Breathing*Having the ability to run and move*My health*Laughter*My family*My brother on his way home from overseas in the Navy*My loving boyfriend (who gets up an does crazy sprints with me at 5:30am)*My best friends* My job* Lattes*Having the opportunity to chase my dreams*My Education* My Safety*

Sometimes a morning workout is exactly what we need to remind us to stop and be grateful for what life is really all about.

Take a moment today to consider what you are grateful for today… Happy Thursday!

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