Whats The Deal With All This “Protein” Talk?

Look around and the term “protein” is popping up on a whole slew of items all over grocery stores, not to mention the infamous “protein shake.” All promoting protein to be the new staple for a healthy and fit lifestyle.

But what is it and why is it so good for us, is what they fail to mention.

Protein is one the body’s main building blocks for muscle, bone, skin and other tissues, which answers the question as to why we need it!

Typically protein is best ingested right after a strenuous work out, which is why athletes have known about this little secret for years. Researchers however, have found that protein can also be beneficial to people who have an average active lifestyle as well.

Drinking a protein shake after a work out restores the muscle glycogen, which is the fuel source that is used up during strenuous activity. It also assists your body to repair damaged muscles after lifting and prevent soreness.

Don’t be fooled though, adding protein to your diet does not add muscle mass. You still have to kick your butt at the gym to see those effects!

Moral of the story get to the gym, be active and support your body with a replenishing protein shake afterwards!

Best way to enjoy these is to buy a Blender Bottle (a.k.a. water bottle with the best little metal ball inside, that will break up the protein powder and make it as smooth as chocolate milk!)

Stay Active xoxo


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